Regular Checkups

Dental exams, cleans, and tooth remineralisation treatments done in the comfort of your child’s childcare centre





Our aim at Daycare Dental is to provide young children a dental service like no other. Our top priority is to provide a dental service in an environment that is familiar to them, that way they feel relaxed and safe.

Taking your child to a dental clinic for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for them, so having their first dental experience in a known environment will give them confidence for their future dental clinic visits.

We provide full dental examinations, scale and cleans, and a tooth remineralisation treatment which entails an application to protect and strengthen teeth, all in your child’s daycare centre. Your child’s eligibility will be checked through Medicare once you have submitted the forms, you will then be notified if your child can be fully bulk billed or if they are not eligible. 

We aim to educate them about brushing, diet, and general oral hygiene to help prevent future dental problems.

All our dental instruments are sterilised as per Australia Dental Association standards and all equipment is disinfected prior to each child’s examination.

We ensure you that your child is always safe which is our number one priority. All our staff are fully trained, have working with children checks and registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


Our experienced and caring dental therapists will introduce themselves to the children as a group, they will show the children what instruments they will be using, how it will feel and what to expect in a fun and educating way.

A brief demonstration on brushing and some information on diet and good oral hygiene will be given. 

A written report will be sent to you with all the information about your child’s dental check up, If any further treatment is required we will notify you on the report and you can then see your local dentist for further treatment.

 We aim to give your child the best experience that will have a lifetime positive affect.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend their child’s dental check up if they like.

You will have to notify your daycare centre that you would like to attend and they will notify you which day and what time we will be attending your child’s daycare centre.